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Grocery Shopping – an alternative to your shopping list

I came across this article from the Salt Lake Tribue a couple of weeks ago – Cheap Chick: Shopping for bargains with the “Grocery Guru“.

You should have a quick look at the embedded video (even just the first few minutes) to see the phenomonen that is coupon clipping in the US – something that we’re not as familiar with here.

One thing that did strike me though was a slight change to the normal suggestions that we always have a shopping list every time we go shopping – or at least a set list of things that we normally buy to prevent impulse shopping.

The article suggests doing your weekly shopping, and your weekly cooking, purely based on the special offers that are available in supermarkets each week.

So, if you’re signed up to the LIDL, ALDI and all the other supermarkets “special offers” communications sent out each week, then you could come up with your cooking plan based on what’s on offer for that week, and then do your shopping accordingly – rather than seeing the offers in the store and reacting (impulsively = bad) in the store.

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