Update on Grocery Offers E-mail – not much of an update

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the special offers web pages that are presented by most of the Irish grocery chains. I mentioned how I’d written to a few of them suggesting that a couple of changes would make those offers pages a little more user friendly – both for consumers and for people who run websites such as this one.

These suggestions primarily focused on publishing the offers on the same web page each week rather than on differing pages, and potentially publishing the offers on an RSS feed as well.

Well, in 3 weeks, I’ve only received responses from Tesco and Centra. Centra have still to follow up further, and Tesco have confirmed that their special offers will always be available on http://www.tesco.ie/weeklytopoffers/. Tesco also confirmed that publishing special offers via an RSS feed isn’t something they’re going to do for the moment.

If anyone out there has any contacts within the other grocery chains, maybe you could pass on this post and see if they’d like to follow up.

UPDATE: Just to add, following a couple of extra e-mails yesterday, Musgraves PR have just confirmed that they’re following up now as well.

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