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1.9m Irish consumers overcharged by over €632m since 2004

Last week saw Bank of Ireland added to the Overcharging in Ireland hall of shame for the 6th time since 2004.

According to this breaking news story from the Irish Times:

Bank of Ireland is investigating a technical error that led to 120,000 customers being charged twice on certain Laser card transactions that happened last Friday.

Bank Of Ireland have refused to say how much money was involved, and blamed a computer error for the problem happening in the first place.

According to Laser Card Service Ltd. the average Laser transaction amount since it was introduced is €64. That would indicate that Bank Of Ireland wrongly took over €7.5m from their own custgmers accounts because of the error.

The article above quotes a BOI spokesperson confirming that all money had been repaid to customers by Wednesday morning.

Based on those numbers, over 1.9m Irish consumers have been overcharged by some of the biggest and best known companies (and government departments) in Ireland by over €632m.

That’s €330 per person since 2004 – that’s been revealed in public. See here for more details.

2 comments On 1.9m Irish consumers overcharged by over €632m since 2004

  • This sort of overcharging is stupid, but at least it’s a blatant screw-up somewhere that’s dealt with relatively quickly. It’s the more sneaky, gradual overcharging ongoing for months or years (usually involving interest charges that are virtually impossible for the customer to calculate with any certainty) that I find far less forgiveable.

  • Be diligent!!! Buyer beware!!
    I purchased a dress in Marks & Spencer which cost 67 euro. When I removed the euro price, I notice the sterling price is 49.50 which converts to 54.26 euro!!!
    This represents an overcharge of 10.64 euro or over 18%!
    I will be more diligent next time.

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