Ireland deserves foreign holidays!

A few times over the past couple of weeks (over a few pints mind you), the term entitlement and the Irish race came up.

One particular acquaintance of mine referred again and again to how they view that many (their term, not mine) Irish people believe that they are deserving of anything that they want – that there is an expectation of attainment rather than any serious effort to actually go out and attain.

Sort of related, but I had to laugh when I saw this ridiculous comment on a blog post by Conor Pope over on Pricewatch recently which caused a heated debate amongst the commenters.

Some people have little choice but to fly with Ryanair unless they want to stay stranded in Ireland for the rest of their lives and read about travelling via AA Gill /

Never mind the (baffling “Ireland deserves Sun” campaign at the moment, Ireland deserves foreign holidays (whether they can afford them or not).

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