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E-mail the CEO – a new ValueIreland.com consumer resource

I’ve written a couple of posts already about my initiative to create a listing of e-mail addresses for the CEOs and senior management of Irish companys so that consumers can escalate their customer service issues to them when they come to the end of the road with the regular customer service staff.

So, if you have these contact details, you can pass them on to me here via the Contact Page, and I’ll make them available for any Irish consumers that want (or need) to contact them to escalate any customer support issues.

However, a few words of warning.

As I mentioned in my original post, e-mailing the CEO or senior management of a company should be treated as the very last resort for the frustrated consumer. Overuse of these contact details will lessen the impact that it might have over the longer term.

And if you are writing an e-mail to one of these people, please take note of the following few suggestions on what you put in your e-mail:

  • You must be polite in your correspondance
  • These are (mostly) busy people, so you must be clear and get to the point quickly
  • Explain exactly what they can do to resolve the problem for you
  • Have account numbers available, and any customer complaint references also
  • Give them a date by which time you expect a response.
  • And insist that they respond rather than fobbing you off back to the customer service people.

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