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Want to learn Chinese for free?

Deirdre Walsh of ChinaGreen and DoingBusinessInChina.ie has in the past recommended that the best way to learn the Chinese language (at least from the comfort of your armchair if you’re not in situ) is to use the ChinesePod language learning product.

And now, thanks to Ken Carroll of ChinesePod, if you’re in Ireland and you want to learn Chinese, then you can subscribe to ChinesePod for free. This offer gives you a full years basic subscription valued at just over $70.

According to the website:

As most of you know I’m Irish. You may also know that that country has been hit very hard by the global economic recession. In response, the Irish government hopes to develop a ‘smart economy’ and is encouraging people to learn new things. A good move, I think.

To encourage this move, Ken and ChinesePod are providing this free offer. I signed up earlier this week, and have the first basic lessons downloaded to my IPod. And so far, it’s tough!

However, I’m hoping to visit Shanghai in mid-2010 for the World Expo, so hopefully I’ll be pretty competent in the languate by the time I get there.

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