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IDA + Chalk + Easy Money = What do you think of this IDA promotion?

This is how the IDA are advertising Ireland across America at the moment. This particular picture was spotted at O’Hare Airport in Chicago recently.

Personally, I’m not all that impressed. Whatever anyone thinks the Government might mean by “the smart economy”, I’m not sure this kind of advertising promotes that notion at all.

What do you think?

6 comments On IDA + Chalk + Easy Money = What do you think of this IDA promotion?

  • Bloody awful. Complete amature job. I suppose someone in the IDA got a bonus for this.

    Btw I would love to see the IDA put under the same level of scrutiny that we have seen at Fas.

  • That’s a disgrace! Have you see the adverts for Qatar and Dubai and all those places on CNN and so on?

    How could someone in the IDA or their advertising agency even remotely think that this kind of campaign could compete.

    And from the comment above, I wouldn’t stop at giving the IDA the FAS treatment – I’d love to see Enterprise Ireland getting a proper audit as well.

    For years I’ve been convinced that the only reason they focus on these bio-tech and IT start ups is in the vain hope that once the EI executives retire or resign, that there’ll be a nice big fat salary waiting for them on the other side, working for the companies they funded in the early days.

    Why support indigenous Irish industries that support local markets and provide local jobs when you can fund an “international” focused start up that would involve lots of foreign travel and big expense accounts !

  • Hi stellargirl,

    I see that you’re logging on from a computer within the government web domain (.gov.ie).

    Would you like to detail any potential conflict of interest here?



  • I absolutely agree – this is dire. I knew someone who worked for the IDA actually, and anecdotal evidence of waste was quite shocking. Would love to see an exposé.

  • Comic tragedy – there actually are still inadequate traditional blackboards in many of our prefabs-schools rather than the more contemporary whiteboards or projector screens, so maybe it is quite an accurate portrayal after all, albeit an embarassingly negative one.

  • I like it, not the best executed ad ever, but like the concept…

    Ireland has a brand that it likes to support as having friendly people, place where people get on etc. etc. If the idea was to try attract American investment then why not play on our reputation there, try connect with the great people, great craic thing.

    Just addressing the point that DeclanH made, if the advertising company that the IDA hired to do this for them were any use, they would have studied other advertisments from other industrial bodies advertising in America. Flashy graphics and photoshopped visuals of impressive skyscrapers is well and good for Dubai etc. but that kind of advertising wouldn’t work with Ireland/IDA.

    As for money issues with the budget for such an ad, the big money in such a case is spent on the concept, not the excecution. It’s a good execution of their concept. Their idea behind attracting industrial invevstment to Ireland, it’s a unique approach, and it stands out… like all good advertising should.

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