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New Year, New Priorities – Welcome to 2010

Firstly, I’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all ValueIreland.com readers. I very much appreciate you visiting this site, commenting and e-mailing in suggestions.

Now that we’re in the first days of a new year, 2010, you’re going to be bombarded everywhere you turn – radio, television, newspapers, magazines, websites, and so on – with financial and consumer tips for the coming year.

In fairness, I did that myself last year, and to be fair there is a lot of merit in many of the articles produced (copied and pasted) at this time of year.

However, for 2010, I’m going to take a slightly different approach with a simple message and theme that you may, or may not, appreciate when it comes to your personal finances and how you behave as a consumer for the year ahead.

Message for 2010 – Set a Financial Target

And the key to having a financial target is that you don’t spend any money on anything during 2010 unless it’s going to help you achieve exactly what it is that you want by the end of the year.

So, whether you want to move house, or buy a new car, or go on a big long holiday, or carry out some home improvements, or pay for your childrens education, or more crucially for some, to pay off credit cards, loans or mortgage arrears, or to simply to build up a savings nest egg or pension, you should only spend your money in a way that will bring you closer to achieving that specific aim.

Check back here tomorrow where I’ll expand on this a little more. In the meantime, if you haven’t any definitive financial target for 2010, maybe you could start thinking about one.

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