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What can I do about pubs changing their prices?

An e-mail came through from a ValueIreland.com reader recently, where the answer is very simple to the one that I gave to this question, What can I do about petrol station changing its prices?

Can you tell me is it legal for pubs to put their prices up every hour?  I think it is an absolutely disgraceful practice and they definitely do not change their listed prices every hour.

Flannery’s, Camden Street
Oliver St John Gogarty, Temple Bar

There are no price controls in Ireland so business and pubs can charge whatever they want to customers. If customers are willing to pay those prices, then they can continue to charge those prices. If people aren’t happy to pay those prices, then they might drop them, or go out of business because they have no more customers.

The only law that pubs have to follow when it comes to the price of alcohol is that their price lists, which should be visible close to the front door, should always be updated to reflect the prices being charged at any time during the night.

Of course, who at 3am in the morning is going to report an incorrect price list to the National Consumer Agency, who won’t do anything about it anyway, more than likely. Or who’s going to remember or have legitimate evidence in the morning to make such a complaint.

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  • I write for a drinks industry trade magazine and would be interested to hear about other pubs where the prices change over the day. We may be able to cover this subject if we have enough specific info to start from.

    email me at enidodowd@gmail.com

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