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As consumers, how much do we mind that certain businesses are closing?

I wrote previously about the (at the time temporary) closure of the Carluccios restaurant on Dawson Street. As I work in the Dublin 2 area, the closure did cause some lunch time conversation.

The overwhelming response at the time was an underwhelming (for Carluccios at least) “meh, so what!”. I believe there was one person (in about ten) that would have been mildly put out if they’d remained closed.

Which sparked a conversation based on the question:

Given the many businesses which have closed down in the past 12-18 months, are there any that you really miss now?

Setting aside the human concern for people losing their jobs and entrepreneurs losing their livelihoods, as consumers, how much will we miss the companies that have closed down in the last 12-18 months.

Giving that some thought myself, there is only one – my barber, which closed down in the past few weeks. And even then, I don’t really miss it that much – it’s appeal was more that it was handy rather than anything more. And yes, my haircuts are at times testimony to such an uncaring attitude.

On the other hand, I can’t say that there are any other businesses that have closed recently that have on me as a consumer, or has caused me to have to change my shopping behaviour.

Which begs the question then – is this recession a worthwhile cull of businesses that people aren’t really all that committed to, that nobody will miss?

Are there any businesses that have closed that you really miss?

2 comments On As consumers, how much do we mind that certain businesses are closing?

  • So what?! Carluccio’s is one of the most authentic Italian restaurants in Dublin. The place is always packed. I was seriously pissed when it appeared to be closing.

  • Oh yes! There was a lovely shop in Gort called InHabit, which had a lovely combination of beautiful furniture and housewares like pillows, bedding, candles — and even scarves and jewellery. It was all done in excellent taste, the owners and employees were charming and helpful — and there is nothing to compare with it in this part of Ireland. It was a fairly early casualty of the bursting of the property bubble. I still think of it with affection and I do miss it.

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