Your Country, Your Call – the promised website updates are not forthcoming

It’s been a number of weeks now since representatives of Your Country, Your Call on Twitter said that they would update their website with the details that they were drip-feed releasing via comments made on different blogs, including my own here.

Some of the information sorely lacking on the site were details such as who the members of the Steering Committee were, who exactly were the financial backers of the scheme and how much were they contributing, and more details of the government involvement in the whole thing.

When I asked recently when this update would be done, I was told that there was some issues over who had update rights over the website, and that it would be done soon – that was about a week ago, but still no such updates have been made.

Yet other information has been updated on the website since Monday – including details of their upcoming workshops on innovation.

I find myself wondering what reasons might exist that prevents the Your Country, Your Call people from updating their website to provide the promised clarity on their whole campaign including their financial backers and government involvement, but does allow them make updates to promote some workshops.

In the absence of the promised website updates, it’s unfortunate, but you’ll have to keep track of the Steering Committee members and the different blogs and websites that they post morsels of information on. Here are a list of links to some more reading about the Your Country, Your Call ideas gathering exercise. I’ll keep this page updated as I find more items written about one of my current favourite topics.


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2 Responses to Your Country, Your Call – the promised website updates are not forthcoming

  1. Padraig McKeon March 20, 2010 at 15:56 #

    Diarmuid, You are quite right to point this out and hands up. We undertook to publish that detail and have not yet done so as we wish to have the agreement of all contributors to their names being published, a process that is not yet complete. That is the only reason for the delay. You are obviously watching the website, but for avoidance of doubt, I will comment here again and tweet when that happens. Thanks,

  2. valueireland May 5, 2010 at 12:16 #

    Just to highlight, almost 6 weeks since the promise from Mr. McKeon above and a few days after the closure of the competition for entries, much of the promised information still hasn’t been provided by Your Country, Your Call.

    Once would have to wonder what it is that they’re hiding!

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