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Buy Irish? Make sure you check the small print

I wrote recently about some comments in the Seanad and elsewhere from people concerned that Irish consumers were sometimes being conned into buying products that they think are Ireland, but are in fact not.

Here’s a great example from Tesco towards the end of 2009. Firstly, check out this picture of a display of toilet paper – you’d be forgiven for thinking that this stuff was made in Ireland.

And you’d be wrong – check out the small print from the back of one of the products:

2 comments On Buy Irish? Make sure you check the small print

  • This sort of thing happens all the time in Tesco, i.e., a product is placed above a “Buy Me I’m Irish” strip on the front of the shelf. I’m sure Tesco woudl tell you it’s an honest mistake, that someone forgot to remove the “Buy Me I’m Irish” strip from the shelf, but it happens too often in my experience to make me think it may well be a ploy on Tesco’s behalf.

    Of course, I could be wrong, and they are all errors, but that either says something about their stock replacement practices (i.e., poor and shoddy) or their staff (i.e. shoddy and stupid).

    Which do you think it is?

  • I’ve thought about your suggestion before, TheQ47, regarding whether certain things like we’re seeing here are either company policy, or just the result of complete incompetence.

    I used to tend towards complete incompetence because I used to think that if there was such a blatantly cynical company policy out there, that at some stage, some decent skin would come clean and expose the company and their policy.

    That would leave it just as being incompetence amongst managers and staff that would allow this kind of thing to happen.

    But, as I’ve written about before here on VI, this is Ireland, and we don’t have whistleblowers much, and across so many areas of Irish society there is a communal silence that lets bad policy and bad actions go unchecked.

    And worse, such a communal silence collectively turns on anyone who may try to expose such policies and actions through threats and bullying that anyone who might have thought of exposing those people will definitely decide that it’s not worth it.

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