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Government discovers great way to silence its critics – Give them an expense account

Since his Bord Snip report was almost completely ignored by the government when it was launched a year ago, Colm McCarthy hasn’t been shy about pointing out theĀ deficienciesĀ of government actions in reigning back public spending.

What’s the best way to keep him quiet? Give him a new job of course.

As well as the usual Fianna Fail ploy of commissioning a report to distract the public in lieu of actually doing anything, giving Mr. McCarthy the job of reviewing the operation and value of our semi-state companies will at least keep him quiet and off their backs for another while.

You’d have to wonder, too, about the thought process that Mr. McCarthy went through in deciding to take up this new role – he can’t be confident that they’re going to listen to him this time any more than they did the last time.

Would it have made more of a statement on the part of Mr. McCarthy if he’d turned down taking on this new role until they’d followed up on his Bord Snip report first?

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