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Interested in being on TV with Eddie Hobbs?

Or at least in the audience for his new Consumer Show on RTE1? This arrived in the e-mail yesterday. It’s a pity Vicky didn’t bother to take the time to find out who the Sir/Madam might actually be – I don’t keep it a secret.

Dear Sir/ Madam,
The Consumer Show, which will be fronted by finance guru Eddie Hobbs and TV journalist Keelin Shanley is looking for people to be part of our studio audience.
This show will be recorded in the RTE studios, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 from the 6th September 2010 and every Monday thereafter for six weeks.
If you think this would be of interest to the readers of your website you can contact me on 01 2084643 or email me at vicky@cocotelevision.ie and I will send you on all the relevant information.
Yours Sincerely,
Vicky Taylor
The Consumer Show
Montrose House
Dublin 4
Direct Line: +353 1 208 4643
Web: www.rte.ie/tv/theconsumershow/

Follow up as you chose – I won’t be going along anyway. I think it’s quite disappointing that RTE and COCO Television would return to the Eddie Hobbs well for a presenter for a consumer programme.

As someone who did some great work on behalf of consumers some years ago, I think he really is “gamekeeper turned poacher” in recent years. We’ve seen his promotion of property as an investment product through Brendan Investments. There’s also been his involvement in Cape Verde property promotion.

And more recently, with the decline in readership for the You & Your Money magazine that he fronts, there has been an increased dependency in that publication on advertising from CFD and spread betting providers.

I appreciate that he’s probably there given his past popularity, and that he’s trading on the success of RipOff Republic years ago, but I think those times are gone and that his impartiality isn’t what it used to be.

Still, we’ll be huddled around the tv watching the first episode – surely it has to be better than some of the other consumer related muck that RTE have been broadcasting in the past couple of years?

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  • don’t forget the bould eddie politicising his membership of (or resignation from) the board of the national consumer agency when he blamed berties burd for leaving the board.

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