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O2 not doing a very good customer service job

This e-mail came through from a not very happy ValueIreland.com reader recently. Some sharp practice going on at O2 it looks like:

I’ve just received an A5 flyer from O2 to say that I’ll no longer be receiving my phone bill by post, with this months bill.

Imagine sending out a notice during holidays in very small light print (its about font size 7). They say “if it’s ok with me” they will not be sending me a bill anymore. Well it’s not ok with me and 02 should give us a choice instead of dropping the service unless I opt in.

I can get details of my bill on line. Hold on not everyone is on line

I like getting a bill so that I can check it.

They are trying to get us not to look at our bills

Stinks of saving more money and nothing in it for me. and I’m not sure if Comreg would approve.

It’s worth remembering that O2 charged for paper bills for some customers, but have been known in the past to continue charging even though they weren’t sending out paper bills any more. I wrote about this back in January 2009.

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