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ThinkIrish.ie – an overdue follow up (part 2)

Yesterday I published an overdue right of reply from Alan Graham of ThinkIrish.ie to my original post on their campaign back in March. In response to Alans comments, I posed a few other questions about the campaign:

  1. What’s the overall budget for the campaign?
  2. How much is being funded by each of the individual contributors?
  3. Do you have a timescale for this campaign, or is it intended to continue ad infinitum?
  4. What, if any, government involvement is there – direct, state agency, quango – any arm of the government basically?
  5. What consideration has been given to charge companies to be part of your product database – similar to Guaranteed Irish charging membership and for use of their logo?
  6. You mention a board – who else apart from Jonathan Stanley is on this board?

And here were the responses received from Alan:

  1. We’d love to bank 250k to run the campaign but we’ll likely have to do it on a lot less than that. I guess it all depends on how successful we are in the coming months in building traction behind it.
    “If we build it…they will come”.
  2. As we’re still out there trying to drum up donors, I’d rather not have the level of individual donations posted. The difficulty it would create is that it either sets the bar too low or too high for prospective donors – plus we’re less likely to convince people to cough up smaller amounts if they think we’re going to put their donation against their name. (“and that’s all he gave???” or “I thought he was broke!”). What I can tell you is that the founding donor has put about 60k up for the initiative – although I suspect he’d rather that not be broadcast widely – simply no the basis that he’s a relatively low key/private individual.
  3. Timescales? I guess we’ll pack-up our tents when we feel the job is done. Much is dependent on funding but we’d like the campaign to endure and it would be good if the directory could remain on a permanent basis – I think it could be a really powerful channel for Irish business – and in particular artisan producers.
  4. No government involvement, no interest groups, no quangos – we’re so squeaky clean it’s embarrassing.
  5. Charging companies? We like the idea of a free-listing so that’s important to us and it keeps the initiative very grass-roots. In time, it’s natural we might look for ways to monetise the site and move to a self-funding model but no concrete thoughts on that at this stage. The invitation to list for free will remain whatever happens in that regard.
  6. The board is composed of Jonathan, myself, Peter Kruseman, Paul McArdle and Eamonn Freaney – you’ll find a bit more on them in our FAQs.

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