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Are there any electoral laws that we can smack down on Anne Sweeney in Donegal South West

Let’s face it, Anne Sweeney was never serious about running for election in the Donegal South West by-election recently. She was taking the lazy easy way out by declaring she’s be running a “social media only” election campaign. I don’t even know that here New Ireland / New Island Party is even officially a party. Doing a google search, I’m not even able to find anything to do with her campaign. Was she just doing it all as a stunt to publicise the hotel she owns?

Whatever the reasons for declaring, or her reasons for running in a half-arsed manner, there’s no reason that Anne Sweeney should be allowed disrespect the electoral process in the way that she did only days before the by-election.

Firstly, she pulled out of the election – AFTER people had already begun casting their vote. Some islanders had already cast their ballot prior to her jumping ship. To anyone who gave her their vote already, she gave them a big fat two fingers.

Secondly, and more disgracefully, she then urged the Donegal South West electorate to stay at home on polling day. According to this article in the Irish Independent.

I’m calling on the 62,000 people in this constituency to boycott this by-election as a protest as to how our time, our money and our democratic rights are being completely railroaded.


As bad as our current politicians are acting once they get into Dail Eireann, at least they all follow and respect the electoral process.

This woman says that she’ll stand whenever the General Election is called. I hope that the people of Donegal South West will see through her “collective for independent thinkers” bluster and see her for the opportunist that she really is – it’s rare that an electorate is given that insight before a politician enters the Dail.

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  • Surely she wouold at least have lost her deposit, as long as she didn’t get a quarter of the quota. I think it’s only €500, but it’s better than nothing.

    I didn’t know she withdrew her candidature after the election had started. if that’s true it stinks, it really does.

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