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Top Tip – How to protect receipts for big ticket items

The US based Consumerist website has some great advice on what to do about receipts that over time will degenerate and become unreadable and useless.

We’re told that we should always be keeping our receipts, just in case something goes wrong. While you only really need a “proof of purchase” such as credit card statement or Laser statements, it is always easier to deal with shops when you’ve a problem is to have your receipts as well.

This was the readers query submitted to the Consumerist:

So many receipts are now printed on thermal paper. Thermal paper reacts to heat. Case in point- we have a folder of nearly blank receipts for electronics purchases over the last year after my husband rested a big mug of coffee on it while sorting through tax documents. I have also noticed that they fade as they age, even when carefully filed away.

The responses were a combination of either scanning them, or photocopying them. Alternatively, you could take a photograph of them.

Given most of us now have phones with cameras on them, and e-mail as well probably, it’ll be very quick and easy to take a picture of a receipt on the day you make your purchase, and then e-mail it to yourself and store away in a folder in your e-mail or your computer in case you need it in the future.

Personally, when I need to keep track of such things, I use a combination of the equally fantastically useful Evernote and DropBox iPhone applications synced with my laptop at home.

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  • I keep meaning to scan in those sorts of receipts. Even with VAT returns those thermal receipts are a pain as a few days in my wallet will sometimes reduce them to off-white writing on a white background.

    Oh, go grab “subscribe to comments” for your blog!

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