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Swiss Air – as bad as Ryanair in getting you to your destination?

And everyone thinks that Ryanair is bad when it comes to flying you to different cities in Europe. The “Frankfurt” airport is miles from the centre of Frankfurt as an example with numerous other examples across Europe.

This example from the Swiss Air website over the weekend show you something to be very watchful for. If you search Google for flights from Dublin to Basel, Swiss Air are top of the list with an advert claiming flights from €171.

Only problem is, as you can see from the image below, you’re actually flying to Zurich with a train connection being sold as part of the package to get you the rest of the way to Basel.

Flying from Dublin to Basel (sort of)

At least Ryanair are somewhat up front with where they fly you to – this from Swiss Air completely takes the biscuit though.

5 comments On Swiss Air – as bad as Ryanair in getting you to your destination?

  • While I usually agree with you on this occasion I can’t.

    Swiss is offering you the choice of going via railways (marked clearly as going to ZHD with a train logo and operated by Swiss Railway) or via plane (marked clearly as going to BSL with operated by Swiss European), it is offering you a choice to allow you a shorter stopover.

    So when you choose your route you know which way you are going by choosing the option. Yes, in case of all airplanes you have a very long layover in Zurich in your example but it’s clearly marked as a flight.

    Now in a lot of countries some flights are actual railways (Swiss Zurich to Basel, Lufthansa Frankfurt to Cologne, Air France Paris to Brussels), this is normal and always called out clearly as in this example. Just because in Ireland that is unheard off does not make it wrong.

    To compare Swiss offering you the option to go to the town centre of Basel via railway is in no way comparable to Ryanair.

    In fact Swiss is offering you a better service here. They offer you a clearly marked way to the town centre of Basel which given the location of EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg might be better because you don’t need to take the bus ride to downtown (well unless your destination is in France where the airport is easier).

    This example is just bad one.

  • I guess we’ll have to agree to differ on this one.

    I followed an advert where Swiss Air told me they could get me from Dublin to Basel for a certain amount.

    Being Swiss Air, I assumed it was by plane, but it wasn’t.

    Maybe I was naive in my assumptions, that an airline would fly me to my destination.

    But maybe also Swiss Air were trading on their reputation to get away with what I consider to be a Ryanair type swizz.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with it – it’s more like Swiss Air stooping to a Ryanair level. But then again, whatever it takes to get business these days.

  • By the way….Swiss Air doesn’t exist anymore since about 2002. It’s either SWISS or Swiss International Air Lines.

  • its simply wrong for Swiss (some Swiss also still call them Swiss Air, but we know who they mean) to show a journey, partly by train. They don’t run a train service and so most people would assume it’s by air. Don’t accept that some people will try to convince you their doing nothing wrong. It’s exactly the same as Ryanair misuse of peripheral airports to deceive people.

    We shouldn’t need to read the small print and research the journey to know what their trying to persuade you to buy. Any reputable company would avoid situations that may cause confusion. Unfortunately Swiss are now owned by Lufthansa so their overall product is not the same as It was when Swiss Air.

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