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Northern Ireland Consumer Council produces very useful table of “Airline Charges at a Glance”

Recently, I warned of the potential issues for licencing and bonding for Irish consumers choosing to fly out of Belfast where their travel agent isn’t licensed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. You can read that post here again – Dubious advice for prospective holidaymakers in The Irish Independent.

If you're reading this, you're probably on a PC with internet filtering, or a poor connections, so you're missing a picture of the consumer council airline charges comparison table.That advice still stands.

However, what I’m highlighting here is an excellent, yet very simple, table of airline charges on flights into or out of Northern Ireland. This table was produced by the Consumer Council of Northern Ireland, and is available for download here.

In a very simple presentation, that would be great if one of our supposed consumer advocacy organisations could replicate for flights in and out of Ireland, you can see for example that the charges for pre-booking seats ranges from free with British Airways to £16 with Flybe.

It goes through other charges such as baggage charges and weight limits, cost of airport or online check-in, and booking charges. One thing it seems to be missing though, is how much passengers would be charged for reprinting of boarding passes.

Even if you’ve no intention of flying out of Northern Ireland any time soon, it’s worth a look at the table just to see the huge variety of charges imposed by airlines, and the differing terms and conditions that will apply for nominally the same particular charge.

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