Online Customer Respect

Customer Respect is an organisations treatment of the individuals with whom it interacts. In the instance of Online Customer Respect, it is solely the organisations online performance that is being measured.

On many occasions, we’re frustrated by the lack of response to queries we submit to companies online. It’s sometimes hard to understand why a company would facilitate online communication with customers and then just ignore it.

Online Customer Respect is a blend of the practice of customer-focused policies, an organisations openness in terms of personal data treatment, responsiveness to inquiries, and the general attitude experienced by a customer when interacting with an organisation on its Web site.

The Commitment

There is a set of 10 rules for Online Customer Respect which does its utmost to follow. For the type of organisation that we are, our primary commitment is that we will respond to all communications received within 48 hours of receipt by us.

The 10 Rules of Online Customer Respect

  1. What is the most important message you want to get across on your site? What is the one thing you want your customers to take away after visiting your site? What do you want them to do?
  2. Make it easy for users to locate product, services and corporate information.
  3. Provide users with an online contact method
  4. Ask for permission before sending any kind of marketing communication.
  5. Be open and honest about how you use personal data collected online.
  6. Provide users with an easy-to-understand privacy policy.
  7. Never, ever share personal data without the customer’s expressed consent.
  8. Reply quickly and thoroughly to online queries.
  9. Use personalisation to customize your communication with a customer.
  10. Treat your online customer the same as an off-line customer – as if he or she is your only one!

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