How long is a warranty for?

We’re all familiar with the fact (or we should be) that our purchases are guaranteed for a year after purchasing. But did you know that in some circumstances that your guarantee could actually last up to 2 years under European legislation.
If you buy something that breaks within two years because of something that was wrong with it at the time that you bought it, then you’re entitled still to a repair, replacement or a refund.

Obviously, it may be difficult to prove that the product was faulty from day 1 rather than it breaking because of wear and tear after two years of use. The legislation states that you must be able to prove this to enforce your rights.

It’s also worth remembering that this legislation applies to your contract between you and the store where you made your purchase – not the original manufacturer of the product.

That is not to say that some manufacturers may provide better guarantees and longer warranty periods, but you should remember what you’re basic consumer rights entitle you to, and don’t be afraid to make sure that you get what you’re entitled to.

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