ValueIreland Car Insurance Checklist

In the past, car insurance was one of the biggest areas of complaints when it came to allegations of “rip off Ireland”. This may become an issue again for consumers if car insurance prices increase as expected in 2009.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to get good value for money on car insurances as it’s something that you HAVE to have. By it’s very nature, insurance companies will say that everyone’s case is different, and therefore, not something that will be always easy to compare.

Through our TopTips section, we have provided a list of tips and advice on things that can be done to help the shopping around process to try to get the best value on your car insurance.

You can also read our Research article here which shows how you can easily go about shopping around for car insurance and almost playing the insurance companies against each other in order to get the best value for yourself.

Checklist has compiled this Motor Insurance Checklist which will guide you on your shopping around when it comes to renewing your car insurance. Click here to download it.

It provides you with a listing of 16 possible companies you can check for a quote, and, based on some of our tips below, it gives you the questions you can ask each company.

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