The ValueIreland Card

Don’t like complaining? But you’re still unhappy with value for money, quality or service. The Value Ireland Card can help you begin to get used to letting businesses know about how you think they’ve treated you.

Click to download the VI Card

Click to download the VI Card

What to do?

Print out the document on regular A4 paper, or preferably if available heavier grade paper. Cut out individual cards and keep them handy in wallet or purse etc for next time you want to make any comments about a purchasing experience.

How does the Value Ireland Card work?

As you complete your meal in a restaurant, or are paying for any product or service in any type of business, if you’re shy about giving actual feedback in person, complete the relevant boxes on the Value Ireland Card and hand the completed card to the person you are dealing with, or leave it behind on the table.

If the person is not a manager or position of authority, ask the person that you give the Value Ireland Card to pass it on to their manager, or to the business owner.

When you return home, log on to, come back to this page, and review your purchasing experience according to how you filled out the ValueIreland Card that you left at the business.

What will the Value Ireland Card achieve?

It will allow you make your views known to business owners and managers about the value, quality and service you receive, even if you are too shy to say it personally. It will also raise the awareness of business owners and managers about the feelings of their customers.

By reading reviews of value, quality and service received on their premises on a widely used website, business owners and managers should be encouraged to work to address any issues raised.

Should the Value Ireland Card be only used for negative comments?

No. If you enjoy a good purchasing experience, it is only right that you let the business owners and managers know this as well.

Also, by posting reviews of good purchasing experiences on the Value Ireland Forum, you will be encouraging other consumers to avail of such good experiences.

By patronising businesses that look after their customers, and neglecting those that don’t provide good value, quality and service,  we the consumer, can influence which business do well, and which businesses will either need to change their ways, or suffer and close down.

Our Advice

We wish to see consumers receiving only the best value, quality and service. To do this, we believe that it is best that consumers complain if they have any problems as soon as the problem arises. The ValueIreland Card is intended as a beginning, to help you get used to complaining.

To see more about how best to make your complaints know to a business owner and manager, please click here to read our TopTips “How to complain” tips and advice page.

What has been said about the Value Ireland Card?

  • Good luck with the idea, I hope people will take it up and get printing!
  • I’d really like to be able to slip one of these cards in with the bill next time I feel like I’m being asked to bend over by a rip-off merchant! Your card can also be used to indicate a positive experience as well which I think is great.
  • When someone like me thinks they have been ripped-off, instead of leaving a tip, they could leave a card, and the management could see the comments by checking the website. I’d say this would put an end to a lot of the quality and cost issues out there at the moment!!!
  • I’d actually be prepared to pay for stickers or business cards with this message on it, that I could leave at the scene of a rip-off, in the hope that I could effectively deliver an appropriate message to the offender!
  • Personally, I would be more inclined to use it in a good restaurant than a bad and that’s purely from politeness. But I would certainly leave one in a place I was happy with, knowing that they’ll be only going mad to look up and see what’s written about them. So my review would be 90% praise with a little rider that I know for a fact that the owner will see. Like their no-refills policy, a top-heavy wine list or my current pet-hate, the ‘OH SO YOU’RE HERE FOR THE EARLY-BIRD, LOOK EVERYONE’. These are all little things that are low cost / effort to change, so they might actually do something about it.

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