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Anyone else having problems with Pigsback.com?

I love free stuff, and in pursuit of that, I use Pigsback,com. Over time, the free points add up and provide me with Hughes & Hughes book vouchers so I can add to my collection every so often.

However, I’ve had two problems with Pigsback.com recently. Firstly, it seems that every time I earn points for whatever reason, the only way I get my points allocated is after having to e-mail customer support rather than getting them credited automatically. Its becoming a pain, and starting to take the good out of the website completely.

Secondly, I was checking the cost of hotels in Limerick through their “1000 points if you book through 1800 Hotels” offer – which has the punchline “Choose from 55,000 quality discounted hotels worldwide”.

Jurys Inn Hotel in Limerick through that offer was €100. And with 1000 points, or €10 returned, that’s a net cost of €90.

But Jurys Inn Hotel in Limerick for the same night is €61 through Hotels.com. Which is even better value than going directly via the Jurys Inn website which was charging €69 for the same room.

And just to finish the story, the Hotels.com website had rooms at the Clarion in Limerick for about 22% cheaper than going directly through the Clarion website.

Lessons learned:

  • Just because someone tells you hotels, or anything else, are discounted, it doesn’t mean you’ll be getting the best value.
  • Just because you’re getting money back on a purchase doesn’t mean you’re getting the best value.
  • In my experience, Hotels.com provides the best value for most hotels that you might want to make a booking for, worldwide.

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