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Don’t you just love the attention to detail (4) ….

While I’m at it, on the attention to detail kick, one thing that really really bugs me is people who when confronted with the spelling of my name right in front of them still manage to transcribe it down wrong. You’d be amazed at the number of muppets who, while writing down my when I’m standing beside them spelling it out for them, manage to turn M-A-C-S-H-A-N-E into M-C-S-H-A-N-E when they put it to paper.
I mentioned a couple of months ago that I have started to receive newsletter publications from the You & Your Money website. And last week, I received communication from the magazines publishers Ashville Media that I’d won a prize, having entered a competition by signing up for the newsletter.
The prize – a very useful 1 nights accomodation mid-week in Kilkenny. So, having provided my address, the publishers were to pass my details on to the hotel, who would then send my voucher.
So, with the publisher having my correct spelling of my name on a couple of e-mails (very necessary in order for the mails to be delivered), I end up with a letter posted to my home address (in an envelope described to me as if it had been addressed by a child) where they’d managed to turn Diarmuid MacShane into Diarmaid McShane. Unbelievable. I don’t know where the mistake was made, but it’s really a very clear sign of lacking attention to detail. Reports will follow on the nights stay in the hotel. Mid-week. In Kilkenny.

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