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Count your own beer change

Irish News of the World

Sunday March 15th, 2009

Diarmuid MacShane

Count your own beer change

We’ve all seen the change counting machines popping up in our local shops recently. Very handy I hear you think, and they can be, but they’re expensive and a waste of money.

These shops aren’t putting these machines there to help out and save time for us – they’re trying to make a quick buck – or a quick 10% of your bucks in a lot of cases. That’s the charge these machines keep back for themselves so you can have the pleasure of having your money counted for you.

A recent report said that Irish families could accumulate up to €300 in small change in a year. That could total up to nearly €40m in small change lying around our houses.

Why not get some money bags from your local bank and take an hour or so some evening to count it all up? It beats giving away €30 of your money, or €4m in total, to someone else.

Not may places would pay you €30 for an hours work these days – and that’s something the government can’t tax (yet).


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