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Aer Lingus Gold Circle Club – their game, their rules

This e-mail came through to ValueIreland.com recently.

I wish to bring to your attention the Aer Lingus Gold Circle Club. Aer Lingus does not state on it’s fare before purchase wether the fare qualifies for Gold |circle points. At one stage points were only given for trips with checked in baggage( I found out because I only checked in baggage one-way on a U.K. return trip and only got half points.

I think Aer Lingus does not award points or is giving a wrong booking class for earning points on flights that are not promotional, therefore one should be earning points. It seems points are not given now at all on flights to from U.K. and Ireland, expect on the expensive Flexi-fares option.

Are there many people who are still members of these kind of reward programmes? I guess anyone still lucky to be getting business flights paid for by their company would be.

Bearing in mind that the Gold Circle Club is a benefit that Aer Lingus provides that costs them money to maintain, they’re entitled to assign points and benefits as they so chose – we can’t have any complaints about that.

However, checking out the Aer Lingus Gold Circle Club web pages, it seems pretty unclear as to when people can earn points, and when they can’t. This is the information provided:

Gold Circle Points are awarded as per the table below when travelling on any valid Aer Lingus scheduled flight in the following eligible booking classes J, C, D, Y, B, L, H, K, M, V, N, X, S and R. Flights not qualifying for points do not appear on your statement. These classes are identified as “W” “Z” and “A” class.

Yet, as you’re booking a flight online, it’s well hidden as to what  “booking class” you’re flight that you’re paying for actually is.

For future reference, when you’re asked to check the box to confirm your agreement to the Terms & Conditions, there’s a link there that brings you to a page in a new window. At the bottom of that page is the booking class for the flights you’re trying to buy.

In short, from what I can see, any LOW FARE fare class doesn’t give you any entitlement to points.


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