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Taste of Dublin – coming soon – but you should avoid it

The Taste of Dublin food festival is coming up soon in a weekend in June. Having sampled the whole occasion in the past, I’d recommend giving it a miss.

Assume 4 people going along on a Saturday, including booking fees, the basic cost of entrance will be €114. But that only gets you in the door – it doesn’t even get you any food vouchers. Including food vouchers bumps you up to the Premium entry (€20 of food vouchers per person) – at an overall ridiculous cost now of €180.

I can’t argue that it’s not a decent day out, but for that price, here’s an alternative recommendation.

  1. Check out any of the restaurants that are serving food on the day. Lets say Town Bar & Grill for example.
  2. Call your 3 mates and arrange a Saturday to meet up for lunch – even the same Saturday as the Taste of Dublin.
  3. Book into Town Bar & Grill for lunch at €27.95 per person for a 3 course lunch with tea or coffee. And that now leaves you with over €50 to spare to spend as you chose – bottles of wine possibly.

This, I reckon, is a far better way to spend your money if you’re looking for a Saturday afternoon out. And you don’t have to avoid the rain, eat small portions off a paper plate, and you’re guaranteed a seat. A far better day out.


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