Check out these 8 brain-training games that have received positive reviews


Free in the iOS Store and Android Play Store, Lumosity offers a consistently extending set of mental and logical games intended to work on your functioning memory and animate your brain consistently. Part of what these games are intended to do is reinforce your capacity to focus on the right things — that is, the things that assist you with addressing the main job — while figuring out how to overlook things that don’t help. Lumosity is one of the most well-known brain-preparing games out there, utilized by in excess of 60 million individuals around the world- click here .


Self-portrayed as a “brain workout regime,” Dakim offers clients a bunch of games and riddles intended to assist you with giving your brain a complete exercise. The program gives you admittance to in excess of 100 individual brain works out, all intended to further develop consideration and focus — at the end of the day, the actual sort of mental undertakings that have been exhibited to assume a part in forestalling Alzheimer’s and related side effects.


Not the same as many brain-preparing games in that it’s exceptionally intended for individuals previously experiencing Alzheimer’s, Clevermind goes past only an assortment of games. As any caregiver can perceive, overseeing somebody with Alzheimer’s goes a long way past giving them mental activity. To this end, Clevermind highlights social, clinical, and dietary devices, all introduced in a simple to-peruse interface that additionally has a computerized partner who talks in a Siri-like voice. Clevermind is accessible in the iOS App Store

Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer helps you “upgrade your memory, concentration, and brain speed” by giving you admittance to in excess of 360 games and riddles. The application is keenly intended to get more troublesome as you improve, so you generally have a test before you and are never needing a method for giving your brain a positive exercise. Fit Brains Trainer is accessible for nothing on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Brain Fitness

Accessible free of charge in the iTunes store, Cognifit Brain Fitness gives clients admittance to a wide assortment of tomfoolery, very much planned games planned by neuroscientists. As a client, you can follow the progress and even get going with a mental evaluation. Assuming you’re feeling cutthroat, you can challenge your companions which isn’t just tomfoolery, however, can assist you with at long last demonstrating to your buddies that you’re the most intelligent of the part.

Brain Trainer

Accessible in free and Pro renditions on Google Play and iTunes, this broadly utilized application offers one of the biggest assortments of brain-preparing games accessible — language games, math games, fast shape games, and a heap more (counting, obviously, Sudoku). The best part is that you can fit your gaming experience to your own objectives: critical thinking, memory, consideration, and nimbleness.

Brain Metrix

A free web administration that helps you “train your brain,” Brain Metrix offers a huge assortment of focus, variety, IQ, spatial knowledge, memory, and imagination games that can assist with getting your brain in excellent condition. Assuming you have an interest in playing the kind of games that reinforce your brain’s wellness in manners that can assist with forestalling Alzheimer’s and dementia, then, at that point, Brain Metrix has games and errands that fit the bill.


Eidetic’s slogan is both wide and explicit: “Learn and recollect that anything.” Scientific investigations of the manner in which the brain learns have exhibited unequivocally that reiteration is vital to getting another snippet of data to be assigned for long-haul stockpiling in your memory. By utilizing a procedure called “separated redundancy,” the Eidetic application helps you learn and recollect every kind of fascinating word and reality. It’s accessible as an iOS App for iPhones and iPads.