Great Schools and Perfect Environment

The classic writing task is to have the shopping list or a short note written. In the meantime, many are doing this on the smartphone. If a novice is in the house, it makes sense to use old-fashioned notes again in everyday life. Every written note is a success. Every written word that is important, and not just a homework assignment, makes learning to write meaningful. A visit to Best Schools In Charlottesville VA happens to be perfect.

When converting from digital note paper to paper, it is important to discuss with the child why this is done. What sense is behind it, so that the child can help? Of course, the child could also use the apps, a smartphone is certainly not foreign to the child. But especially when learning to write it is important to actively hand in and write free of creative auto-correction.

Reading pleasure

Being able to read books for you can be a great feeling. The best prerequisite for this feeling is a familiar approach to books. Watch books together, read aloud, and discover stories. All this makes you want to read for yourself. Parents who read themselves are role models who show that reading is fun. A child who can do something that parents do often feels big, a bit grown-up.

Learning to read is a complex matter, some faster, some slower. It takes time and a lot of patience. It is helpful here to say instead of “We still have to practice reading”: “Let’s read together a little bit”. There is an incredibly diverse selection of first reading books. Stories have a variety of topics. Libraries also offer a good selection here. Big clear letters, small sections and colorful pictures, a book has to invite you to discover the story.

A nice way to read can be that the children read a little bit, which initially means hard work, and then mom or dad take on a piece in which simply listening can be relaxed. For this there is a book series “First a piece then you”, but that can be done with any other story.

It is important to read a beautiful story, to experience success and to develop the joy of reading. Even for parents, these can be very nice moments together. For a child, her first self-read book is a special childhood memory, as well as the book “Magic with the Number Fairy”, which contains pictures to read in the text.


Probably the most important tip for parents: let go of the topic of school. Nobody has to apply for a degree course on the first day of school and the doctorate is still a utopia. Not everyone has to study or even graduate from high school. A misconception that has settled in many parents’ heads, that only so, a good life is possible. A good secondary school diploma can be worth more than a bad high school diploma. Not every child can and will continue to plague theories and start studying. Practical vocational training may be the more ideal way to a contented life. But it is definitely too early on the first day of school, which shows in the course of school time. Children are still children and they should please as long as possible.