Install Adblocker to Block Unwanted Ads and Access Ad-Free Internet

Adblock is a powerful extension that is available for free and allows any web browser to install on their multiple devices for blockage of unwanted ads that distracts them to track the valuable information which they are looking for and is helping to keep the domain free of spreading any malware (virus). So far millions of internet users had been benefited to block ads on their Android, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, etc. It is available in a set of filters and the web browser needs to select it accordingly to block all the unwanted ads on their website that display on their screen when in search of content. Wladimir Palant is the man behind the creation of this amazing tool which today had become one of the most popular open source projects that are need of every web browser. It 2006 it was licensed under “”>GPLv3 and again in 2011, He joined his hands with Till Faida to make it more sustainable and called it as “”>Eyeo for further development.


How does it work?


  • When a web browser installs it on their device they experience a cleaner and faster web access which helps them by blocking all the annoying ads getting displayed on their web page and makes it free from any malware content.
  • It allows all the other acceptable Ads by defaults which are essential to support for the growth of their websites to increase sales and revenue.
  • It is available for free and can be used on any mobile device, tablet or computer. Being an open source project is highly compatible with sustainable development and blockage of unwanted ads.
  • It converts various languages that ease the web browser to understand and search for the content for which he is looking for.
  • Using the filters lists and default settings you can get started at any time or can even remove it when you don’t require it.


Salient Features of AdBlock:

  1. It is an excellent way to browse on the web that helps the users to have wonderful browsing experience by blocking all the annoying ads that pop up on the screen and divert their goal. It is a wonderful way to block unwanted video ads, flash ads, Facebook ads, pop-ups, and many more which reduces the speed of pages to load on your device.
  2. Although it asks you for accessing your website data and other details but keeps all your data and device completely safe by not letting the hackers to track any of your personal information easily. Protects you from getting infected by malware objects that cause loss to companies or the users when they are in need to follow any online activity.
  3. There are several websites present online who demand money to get support for their ads for getting advertised on their web pages by default for the growth of their website and its sales and revenue. Not every ad are bad but still, if you want to hide them then you can apply it on your device to make it ad-free.


Get handy this tool to block unwanted ads without the need of paying money that is free on the internet. There are few tools which can be accessed on paying a certain amount but they don’t access any of your website data nor track your personal information. To get more assistance about how to stay benefited with Adblocker visit the official website of to proceed further and access ad-free web browsing.