Leather and its types of production

The leather is flexible and as well as a durable method that has been created by the process of tanning the material of animals like their skin and rawhide. The raw material which is commonly prevailed is cattle hide. This type of cattle hide can be produced in the scales of manufacturing, which may range from the artisan to the range of industrial-scale which is in modern method.

The leather making workshop  has been used in many processes such as footwear, clothing, seats which is in automobile, binding of books, bags, furniture, and accessories which is said to be held in fashion. This has produced a larger variety of styles and types which have decorated by the usage of techniques in a wide range.

Leather Production 

This type of manufacturing process involves the three fundamental subprocesses, that is preparatory stages the second stage is tanning and the third stage is crusting. There is also another sub-process that is finishing, but unfortunately, all the leather products don’t involve the finishing process.


The stage of preparatory is done when the hide (raw material in animal) tends to be prepared for the process of tanning. There are almost seven stages have been used in the process of preparatory, the

stages are,

The first process is soaking

the second process is the removal of hair

The third process is liming

The fourth process is deliming

The fifth process is bating

the sixth process is bleaching

the seventh process is pickling


It is the process in which the protein gets stabilized, chemical, the material which is used to rawhide in the consistency of increasing the thermal, the particular material of collagen, skins, and as well as hides of the stability in the form of microbiological. There is a difference between the hides which is tanned and as well as raw. The hides which are tanned form are used to dry out in a manner of inflexible substances, rewetted, the tanned material used to get in a drier manner, it does not use to get a putrid as it becomes rewetted. There are many types of tanning materials and as well as methods used to get exists. The process of tanners used to hides in a drum, the tanners get an immerse that in a format of the tank which used to contain a liquor. Even the penetration occurs once in a time, the workers used to rise the process of pH liquor, this process is said to be a basification process that is used to fix the material which is tanned in leather. Tanning material which is said to be fixed is known to be as in the conditions of higher leather stability as well as the resistance of temperature.

The process of crusting is leather lubricants and the thins, this used to have an operation of colour. The chemicals which have to be added in the time of crusting should be held in a fixed place. This type of crusting includes whitening, splitting, dyeing, shaving or they may be used to include some other materials and as well as methods for the crusting operation.

In order of collecting the tanning materials to apply the coating, methods are said to know as finishing. These operations may include the glazing, polishing, coating, oiling, brushing, embossing, buffing.