Precious Options for the Best Real Estate Options

The topic that I would like to deal with in this small publication is the purchase of a property. Too often we find myself consoling people who, justly confident but perhaps a little careless, buy a property and then discover that there are many jobs to do to really renovate it. Or even those who buy, knowing that they have to spend a certain amount on the work and then discover that what they believed was the imagined amount, is very far from being real. You can make use of the here now.

The Right Property

They buy a property that a real estate agent showed us, maybe two or three times and they looked at it personally. But how did you look at it? I don’t want to put in a bad light the work of many honest real estate agents, nor your ability to observe but, sometimes, the expert eye of a technician who does this job every day, makes the difference.

The “Real Estate Consultant” who has the opportunity to assist you in choosing the property and, as an arbitrator, is able to provide you with an exact description of the conditions of the property. This is a service that using what they call a real estate checklist, goes through point by point to all those technical, plant and aesthetic aspects, and provides the customer with an “X-ray” of the conditions of the property.

For example: what type of plumbing is there? In what conditions? The electrical system, although there is the certification of conformity is current? How are the walls? The fixtures are good, are they to be replaced or can they be improved without replacement? Or, how much would it cost me to renovate this apartment? This also applies to those who have in mind to take a property to make it income or use it for a business.

The basic concept from which this service is born is to help the buyer and why not, the seller to complete the negotiation, in the maximum mutual transparency. In addition, with all the information relating to the current conditions and the costs to be incurred in the event of interventions, it gives you the opportunity to know with a good approximation the amount that you will have to put in the budget to have that property.

The Closing Cost

The cost of this service may vary depending on the location and size of the property to be checked but still ranges from 150 euros upwards. Considering the number of properties that are usually visited before a purchase, it seems to be no small thing, but taking into account the cost of a property and how much you can save using this service, it is absolutely advantageous.

So why not rely on professionals who take care of all the phases, even the most unpleasant ones, of the operation they are carrying out, organizing the visits of aspiring buyers, accompanying them, in the most rational and least invasive way for the privacy of their family, professionals that follow both the seller and the buyer, from the early stages to the conclusion of the sale, from the signing of the purchase proposal, whose content protects both parties in a fair and impartial way, to the compromise up to the deed, taking care of everything, conservatory, cadastre and mortgage practices included.

The structure can guarantee all of this, by subscribing this commitment in the sales assignments agreed with us, contact us for a free consultation and consultation and, in the most absolute, non-binding way, then if they stand to listen and above all looking us in the eye, they will gain your trust, you can freely decide whether to trust us or not.

Last Words

We also have a very updated database of real estate requests, among which there may already be the buyer of your property. If then they fail to gain your trust, listen anyway to their dispassionate and disinterested advice, entrust the sale of your house to professionals, this will make everything easier and certainly less stressful and save you time and money.